Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thirty seconds with the waterpets

Pepper surveys the Blyxa flower while Sparkles moves on the better things.

Pepper, the male Scarlet Badis, surveys the landscape. He spies a stray brine shrimp caught in the Java moss and darts over.

Sparkles, the female, swims idly by the rock and leans against it.

Pepper pounces on the brine shrimp. Grasping it tightly in his jaws, he gnaws furiously and sinks to the bottom, focused intently on subduing his prey.

Sparkles notices the action and floats over to peer at the brine shrimp tail hanging out of Pepper's mouth like a cigarette.

Pepper chews vigorously.

Sparkles bites Pepper and tears the shrimp out of his mouth.

Pepper watches Sparkles swallow and glide away. Then he slowly floats over to his spot in the grass.

There's so much pent-up resentment in their relationship, you don't even want to know.