Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Everything in its place

Somehow it has gotten to the point that we only care about animals that fit in a sandwich. The Mangalica pig, for example, was down to about 200, but farmers in Spain and Hungary have bred enough so that the richest among us can start eating them again. I am sure the pigs are tasty but so apparently is the much more endangered Giant Armadillo. I think it is fair to say, something has gone wrong when the lot of an entire species depends entirely on saavy restaurant marketing.

The question that explains everything:

What are you afraid of?

Whatever fears a person carries inside are the root of every horrible act he or she inflicts on other people, including but not limited to: lying, criticizing without supporting, stealing credit, going beserk in a traffic jam, excluding someone, sabotaging someone eles's opportunity, suggesting a makeover, hitting, complaining about an otherwise lovely evening, divulging secrets, yelling, cutting in line, assuming, and so on.

Yes, sometimes people who do these things are just oblivious of other people. Then again, people who are that self-centered are that way for a reason (see above).

If you are afraid, do not to try to make others more afraid than you. It is tiring.